Clinical Pilates and Exercise Class

Are you recovering from recent or long-term injuries? Are you pregnant and looking to see if there are any appropriate exercise programs available? Are you just looking to improve your overall health and fitness?
At Clinical Physio Solutions, we offer Clinical Exercise and Pilates Classes at our Burwood and Top Ryde clinics. These classes are designed to help you reach your maximum potential through your journey towards recovery and fitness.

What is the program about?

The classes are 55 minutes long and will combine Pilates and specific rehabilitative clinical exercises that are tailored to your injuries and goals. The Pilates program combines flexibility and strengthening exercises targeting specific muscle groups. There is a strong emphasis on neuromuscular activation during each exercise to improve movement awareness. The exercises are tailored to each individual targeting movement or strength deficits that may be contributing to your pain.

The program is appropriate for people suffering from lower back pain, neck pain, upper or lower limb issues, and sports injuries. It is also fantastic for anyone looking to improve their posture, flexibility, and global body strength. If injury prevention is what you’re after, the class will be perfect for you too. We also provide exercise programs specifically for pre- and post-natal women.

What equipment will be used?

We have reformers and trapezes in both our Burwood and Top Ryde clinics. With those machines, the possibilities are endless! A reformer is one of the most versatile pieces of exercise equipment ever made. It allows for a large variety of exercises that targets all areas of the body. Reformers utilise a spring system that adds resistance to your movements, providing a higher degree of difficulty and efficiency. The sliding carriage, jump board, and pulleys can be used for numerous upper and lower limb exercises. You can perform movements whilst laying down, standing, seated or kneeling. Depending on your program, this will be combined with free weights, TheraBand’s and other gym-based equipment which may be appropriate.</p

Check below for the class timetable:

Burwood clinic:

  • Monday & Thursday 5pm – 6pm
  • Tuesday & Friday 8.30am – 9:30am

Top Ryde clinic:

  • Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 9.30am – 10:30am
  • Tuesday & Friday 4.30pm – 5:30pm

We offer multi-class packages, and you can check with your private health insurance to see if you’re covered for the classes.