Balance and Stability Class

There are many reasons why balance seems to worsen as we age, but we can definitely improve it! 

At Clinical Physio Solutions we offer the Balance and Stability Class at our Burwood Clinic. 

What is the program about?

The Balance and Stability Class has been designed to help improve balance to reduce falls risk. Regular practice combined with muscle strengthening can make a difference by improving coordination, improving reaction time, and strengthening muscles and bones. The goal is to prevent the likelihood of a serious injury from potential falls. 

The classes are 55 minutes long and include a range of curated tasks based on current evidence. They aim to help each individual, no matter what level you are at. 

Check below for the class timetable:

Burwood clinic:

  • Tuesday and Thursday 2:30pm

We offer multi-class packages, and you can check with your private health insurance to see if you are covered for the classes.

If you would like a trial, the first class is free!