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Looking for a Physio Clinic in Sydney’s Inner Western Suburbs?

Feeling a bit tender after a hard clash or an awkward fall during a sports match over the weekend? Maybe you’ve strained a muscle at work and have found yourself unable to perform certain tasks as well as you did before? What seems like a little niggle today could turn into a lot of nasty pain tomorrow without proper treatment. If you’re looking for an experienced physiotherapist that knows how to manage a wide assortment of clients from varied backgrounds, look no further than Clinical Physiotherapy Solutions. 

With three state of the art physiotherapy facilities located in South Eveleigh, Burwood and Newington, Clinical Physiotherapy Solutions are the first choice for a range of professional athletes, workers and the Sydney Inner West community alike looking for effective assessment and treatment of injuries. With a body of clients that has included the likes of the Cronulla Sharks, Melbourne City Football Club, Sydney Olympic Football Club and staffers from Qantas, the Sydney Opera House and more, you can rest assured knowing that your best interests will always be upheld when you schedule an appointment with one of our experienced physios. Call or book online for an assessment and a first step into empowering your recovery.

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What to Expect from our Sports Physio Clinics in Burwood, Newington and South Eveleigh

When you book an appointment at Clinical Physiotherapy Solutions, our staff will aim to help you recover from any injury to the best possible degree, working with you to ease any accompanying pain and create a long term recovery plan. After an initial assessment with a physiotherapist, our staff will start on a treatment to suit your injury, with common treatment methods including dry needling, taping, soft tissue massage, joint mobilisations, and exercise. Our highly experienced physiotherapists will also assist in providing you with professional advice and education to ensure you independently manage your injury to achieve the best results possible.

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Book a Physio Appointment with us Today

At Clinical Physiotherapy Solutions, we proudly aim to connect the dots to empower your recovery and reach your goals. Both our Newington and Burwood clinics offer longer consult times for necessary clients, providing you with expert diagnosis and injury management to provide a holistic approach to your health. We also offer one-on-one consultations, helping to educate you about your injury to get you back to your best as soon as possible. So, if you’re based around Newington or Burwood and are looking for an experienced physio to help put you back on track, look no further than Clinical Physio Solutions – schedule a visit today.

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To make an online booking at our Burwood clinic, please click the link below.

Address: Burwood Plaza, 42-50 Railway Parade, Burwood, NSW 2134

Phone: (02) 9747 8617

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To make an online booking at our Newington clinic, please click the link below.

Please select a Physiotherapist (Sam, Joey or James) and do not book with a GP via this link.

Address: 3/8 Avenue of the Americas, Newington, NSW 2127

Phone: (02) 9648 2224

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