Chronic Condition Management Class

Do you have Type 2 Diabetes? Osteoporosis? Osteoarthritis? Cardiovascular disease? The Chronic Condition Management Class is for you.

At Clinical Physio Solutions we offer the Chronic Condition Management Class at our Burwood Clinic.

What is the program about?

This class is designed for those needing a long-term plan for maintenance or rehabilitation. It can contribute to lifestyle management of your condition, or can be used if you simply want to maintain your health as you age!

The class consists of tailored, individualised exercises led by an accredited exercise physiologist. You will have close access to your practitioner who will ensure the exercises are completed safely and effectively.


You will first attend a one-on-one consultation where you will be asked about your chronic condition. This will help the exercise physiologist create an individualised program for you.

The program will be taught to you.

You will then be ready to attend your first class!

Check below for the class timetable:

Burwood clinic:

  • Monday and Wednesday 10am

We offer multi-class packages, and you can check with your private health insurance to see if you’re covered for the classes.